Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mt Inadale 7" Release is finally here!

A year in the making! Mt Inadale Records will release it's first split 7" vinyl featuring Thrift Store Cowboys and One wolf!
Derek Pierce, a lifetime music enthusiast, is the master mind behind this release and Mt Inadale Records itself! Pierce worked for Texas Tech's college radio station, KTXT as not only a DJ with his very own specialty show, but the Promotion Director where he booked local shows and single handed turned the music scene in Lubbock, Texas right around and made it something to talk about. Don't get me wrong, the history was there...but I watched this young gentleman contact and develop relationships with several different artist from across the board, putting Lubbock's name on the map for future bands touring through Texas. Here's another testimony from Al James of Dolorean to further prove my point. Keyword, wunderkid under the Lubbock/Dan's backroom paragraph. Very cool.

All that to say, if you are in Austin, Denton or Lubbock, Texas over the next three days...and you enjoy toe tappin', heart-pounding, hell-of-a-good-time music, come on out and make history with us by celebrating Mt Inadale's very first record release!!!

6/4/09-Austin, TX Thrift Store Cowboys with Cory Branan, Lambert's 10pm
6/5/09-Denton, TX Thrift Store Cowboys with Rodney Parker, The Boiler Room, 9pm
6/6/09-Lubbock, TX Thrift Store Cowboys, Jake's Backroom, 9pm

PS. I designed and screen printed the album art!!

PPS. Feel free to contact me for more information on how to purchase one or several records. They're very affordable considering they're collector's items!