Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Peculiar.

Yesterday, forty seven years of Texas Tech's college radio station, ktxt 88.1 FM, was abruptly put to rest (as in, 6 feet under) due to a "finacial situation".
5 days before on Friday...I kid you not, Texas Tech made a formal offer to head football coach, Mike Leach for a five year contract worth $12.1 million. That's $2.1 million more than his current $10 million, 5 year contract. 
My my, that is an interesting sequence of events. Where would they get an extra 2 million dollars from?
As to be expected, there is an uproar. Hopefully it won't stop there. Anything you can do to help. Send a letter telling Tech how they won't see a dime of your alumni money unless..., make art to create awareness, write/blog about how this absurd decision was carried out in an untackful it, it'll be fun! 

Poster by Dirk Fowler.
Quote by Director of Student Media, Susan Peterson.

ps. I am extremely proud of Tech football team and their coach. It's the administration, I'm targeting here.