Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Life,

I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with you.

For starters:
+own a gallery/studio/workshop space in which I can reside.
+make art and design:: this includes becoming a master at painting, ceramics, jewelry and if I have time...furniture making.
+learn to play the piano; the lessons from second grade aren't cutting it.
+learn beautiful dance moves (also, gain rhythm.)
+learn to reupholster furniture.
this will be moving to the top of the list due to a great free sofa find today.
+more adventure. ziplines, camping with bears, daytrips...etc.
(note: "with bears" is just for dramatic effect)
+always help friends. + showering them with love.
+plan more flea market/garage and estate sale shopping trips
+give back to my community
+train and run a marathon. I say I want this...but it will take some doing.

ok. I'm not going to get too out of hand with this. This will probably take the rest of my life to complete.

ps. look at the bottom right picture of Sadie. A few weeks ago, a lady asked me if she was pregnant. {no, just chunky.}

pretty pretty

maybe I will revisit these when all my work is done and I can reward myself. Does anyone else do this? Give yourself incentive/ treat yourself like a child? =)
found here.

Daniel Kornrumpf

Aren't these incredible? At first glance they look like paintings, which would be impressive. But learning the medium ups the wow factor. :: Embroidery
Found here. (as usual)
Daniel Kornrumpf link here.