Saturday, August 7, 2010

Will Johnson

I know what you're thinking. "Will Johnson? Isn't he that talented musician who's writing and sweet sweet melodies bring me to my knees everytime?" Why yes, you are correct. He is the one in reference, Will Johnson of Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, and Monsters of Folk. This man soars above the rest.
And just when you thought his talents, infinitely abound had reached their pinnacle, he throws us a curve ball...with a paint brush. These paintings are to create awareness of the African American Baseball players.

Matt Pence (photographer) and Will Johnson are having an art show at Good Records in Dallas on Sunday, August 16th 2009. 7-9pm. And it's FREE! So cool.

Also, if you're in Austin and you're reading this today, August 12th. It's your lucky day, because Will Johnson is playing at the Ghost Room tonight at 11pm. $8. Worth 10 times that much, not to mention the priceless feeling of everlasting peace you'll gain. =)

His genius can also be extended to the kitchen. A contributer to Kara Zuaro's I like food, Food tastes good: In the kitchen with your favorite bands cookbook.

Like I said...Infinitely abound.

also this.