Thursday, February 11, 2010


So oddly enough, I was checking up on the good ol' Texas Tech alumni and came across a very impressionable girl, I knew from around school. Here's how Mary Beth Koeth made her impact. This very bubbly and extremely helpful girl graduated and landed a job with Hallmark in Kansas City and is now working in the UK. All this to say, my boss received a very funny Christmas Card from her come the following winter {post graduation}. There in front of us was a family portrait of this beautiful twenty something girl with 2 or 3 children along side a balding older gentleman that clearly screamed...MISMATCH! Anyway, I was tickled at the fact that she'd sent out an utterly false impression of herself that obviously couldn't be true just to satisfy self amusement. I tell you this story because I found her blog which is just as hilarious as the card she'd sent, and I want you to enjoy it too. I mean, we all like to laugh...right? And yes, it may be a bit of a *friend crush*.

here's a good Valentine's quote/post to end on from MB:
" sure to not except any 'hot' dates from questionable men who go by the name of Chester.
Have a lovely weekend everybody!"

source:American Crumpet blog.