Sunday, September 13, 2009

Randomly found and fun.

My good friend, Amanda Shires made not only the charts but this video that is adorable. She's a hard working, amazingly talented (not to mention beautiful), fiddle-playin', song writin', toe stompin', snake charmin', merch makin', charmer that will leave you begging for more of those sweet melodies. Please check her and her excellent folk writin', heart soothing voice and partner in crime, Rod Picott out. The two were rated #7 in Euro Americana charts, and for good reason. Their voices joined with the acoustic sounds of the guitar, fiddle and ukulele go together like peas and carrots. (alright, I'm sorry I said that last one.) But seriously, just phenomenal. I can assure you, these two won't stop there. They've got too much going for them.