Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mel Kadel

surrounded by angels
sending a little love
just below the sun
it's personal
getting the love knocked out
dipsy gypsy
"Mel Kadel used to skip school in Pennsylvania where she grew up. She went to art school in Philly, moved around some and then ended up in a log cabin with her partner Travis Millard in the hills of Ecko Park in LA and is now represented the Richard Heller Gallery."
(an interview on fecal face about this creative mind. check it.)
I've been following this lady closely for a good 3+ years now. I accidentally met her and Travis Millard here in Austin at Okay Mountain, sometime ago. It was no big deal, so I guess I'm technically bragging right about now. But in my defense, I told one of my good friend's about her last year and she liked her so much she went and did this...

she has that kind of affect on people.

On a side note, I first learned of her through Mike Aho. Another amazing artist/musician who I will post on eventually when I can find all the compliments in the world to write about one person. oh. was that creepy? woops.

let's sketch.

sketch book by seraph. neat.
found at perfectbound.