Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diane Arbus

I recently watched the film "Fur: Diane Arbus" and fell in love with it. The film is based on the female photographer's life but explores her deepest most inner thoughts, it uses beautiful imagery and color and simply blew me away.

And now...more about the artist:

The wealth was complicated, as it often is, by distant parents: her father was kept away by work and her mother by depression. She was loved more than she was known. In her New Yorker review of two new Arbus exhibits -- Family Albums , at the Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art, and Revealed , at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art -- Judith Thurman writes of Arbus, "Her heritage was, in fact, that of most artistic children of privilege, who feel that their true selves are invisible, while resenting the dutiful, false selves for which they are loved: a dilemma that inspires the quest, in whatever medium, for a reflection."

She was luminous, with large green eyes, a delicate, exotic face and a slim body. And she was, writes Thurman, "nubile" (almost every published photo of her has a sexual charge to it). All kinds of people were captivated by her, and she was captivated by all kinds of people."

Hope you enjoy, I found her to be quite interesting.

images found via diane arbus google search.