Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night, Paige and Robert came over for dinner and (the game) wahoo! I was very satisfied with the way dinner turned out, especially the appetizer, so I'm including the recipes. We started off with hummus and olive oil crackers all homemade. For the main course, I made a vegetable tortellini soup with salad. Very light, but filling. If you get a chance, try the olive oil crackers, they're really easy and so delicious, it's also really nice to know that you can make these at home vs. spending $5 on the alternative at the store for half the quantity.
In case anyone was wondering, Derek won the game of Wahoo! He had a slow start, but finished strong. Throughout the game he plays the innocent role but secretly thinks of himself as a sniper. Talk about your game face. It was fun!
I'm also including a few of Paige and Robert's engagement portraits taken last week, because that's what I do!