Saturday, January 10, 2009

Osamu Yokonami

I love how whimsical and beautifully composed all his Osamu Yokonami's images are. See all these and more here.

Images via Osamu Yokonami's Website.


Derek, friends and I twiddled our thumbs all day as we patiently, or not so patiently, awaited our second annual Kathleen Edwards show at the Continental Club. Let me relay, "Her clear, pristine vocals convey longing, heartbreak and the sexiness of the working class with honesty and grace" and then say, she never ceases to impress. Edwards told backing stories to selected songs at both shows. And that's something I always enjoy, gaining a polished version of insight into an artist's creative mind.
Another quality we find endearing is how
F is [her} favorite letter, as [we} know. I'm not sure that anyone else in the world can make f*** sound like poetry from a sweet song bird. Derek and I actually took a bet on how many times she'd say it throughout the show. 
I invite you to take a guess. I said 8. Derek-10. Richard took the "thereafter". (Which isn't really guessing, but that's just my opinion because I lost. Thought of your number, yet?) She kept it at a consistent rate up to 5 and I felt victory start to set in, then she ever so passionately spoke of her life-changing trip to visit and play for our troops and the numbers went a sailing through the roof! Wait for it...wait for it...16 times.
Enough about that.
If you ever felt passion, love, hurt, anger, or despair in a relationship, I strongly suggest Kathleen Edwards' 
music... perhaps as a coping mechanism. I cannot stress enough how talented this singer-songwriter is. Angelic. Glorious even.

Needless to say, I have a girl crush.

On a side note, we went to see The Lusitania tonight and they are excellent as well! Especially if you like Lucero and/or good music. Sorry, that was me being a music snob.
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