Friday, October 31, 2008


Dios De Los Muertos/ Halloween!

And now...the Crafty Carvers present our award winning pumpkins. {not really}
Cyndi above and her pumpkin below. Cute.

Stephanie above and her pumpkin is below on the left. Obama 2008! {ps. have you voted?}

Thanks for the good times girls! 
Also see more pumpkin carving "goodness" at Lauren's Craft night.

Catrinas image found here.

Chris Natrop

Lately, hand cut paper has fascinated me. It seems to be popping up and out in my world left and right. For instance, I've noticed several glorious displays around town of beautiful hanging, hand cut paper. And a few weekends ago, Grace presented small works of hand cut paper her mother found at a garage sale in Lubbock, of birds and such. And to complete this reoccurring theme, today I found the artist Chris Natrop, featured as wall art in a sneak peek of Heather Taylor's interior design. 
The intricate positive/negative space screams love me! Not to mention, the radiating darkness in the cast shadows. Excellent..excellent indeed. {art school lingo, thanks Texas Tech.}