Thursday, October 16, 2008


"The sound of church bells and a procession of school kids dressed in black headed toward the end of the street where a wide set of stairs wrapped around the exterior of an ancient building.
i caught up and quickly passed without giving them a glance, climbed the stairs and waited at the half way point for them to pass me.
i held my camera low figuring i’d leave it mostly to chance.
Once past the last child gave me a face and stuck her tongue out. i stuck my tongue out in kind and she turned away laughing.
A few days ago i dreamt of a pale grey sky crossed by over head wires and crows so black they seemed like holes into an endless night."
(This quote is from the caption of this photograph. Please look through his photos and read his stories both will not disappoint.)

This work has a marvelous haunting beauty. I'm absolutely infatuated with them, apparently desolate solitude calls my name every time.

All images via Gary Isaacs.