Friday, October 3, 2008

Uptown Modern

Another remedy for creative block, is to feed your senses with what the world has hidden away in unexpected places. Now you're probably expecting me to insert something here about nature, but on the contrary, I want to divert your attention to another one of life's hidden (behind-a-storefront-woman-made) treasures. Uptown Modern. This 1940-70's home furnishings guru will make your heart flutter at first sight of it's lovely display of antique gems and is sure to send waves of design inspiration crashing your way.

Uptown modern is owned and operated by Jean Heath, who has been in the antique business for over 20 years. From what I was told by one of her lovely and incredibly helpful employees named Rebecca Cannon, Jean puts forth the effort to make the store radiate with a renewing energy by frequently updating their displays to make each shopping experience truly unique and exciting each and every time you stop by.

So the next time you're strolling down Austin's very own vintage alley (Burnet Road) you should veer off into this divine three part shop of everything you're mid-century, modern heart could desire. 
I mean, who doesn't need a fist-pumping gold torso?

On a side note:
This is my informant Rebecca Cannon, she gave insight about the owner and how the store is run. One of my favorites tid bits, was how Jean Heath (owner) supports her employees pursuing their music careers. One of the many reasons I love Austin, Texas! Speaking of, Cannon sings in the Texas Sapphires, check them out here!

The lovely fall display Rebecca put together for October. Does anyone else see that fantastic painting in the top left corner?

The wood blocks used for letterpress printing are my favorite, these in particular were probably used for fabric. I think I've already decided to dedicate another post solely to their letterpress wood blocks. So get ready.

So clear your schedule and make a pit stop. You won't be disappointed!

Images ©2008 Julie Cope Photography.

Jackie Young

So there is a local Austin artist/photographer, named Jackie Young, who is too terribly awesome not to mention and best of all she works both with polaroids and Derek. Coincidentally, Jackie's currently featured on under the photo essayist prompt "Texas Heat". This past spring, Young engulfed herself in a photo project that reached out to the community titled "I am." The project involved a truckload of polaroids and a great big thing I like to call, ambition. From what I would understood, Jackie set up shop in front of storefronts with several chalkboards that read "I am_____." and casually asked passers-by to participate. In the end, she chalked it up to 2,376 photo responses for her public art installation in downtown Austin on April 12, 2008. 
Her work has a knack for capturing a certain 'Je ne sais pas'. That solemn moment in time when you've finally found inner peace!?!?  IE...they're beautiful. Please, by all means, indulge yourself here.

Profound puts it lightly.

My favorite, in case you were wondering.

This final photo is the artist herself, how appropriate. (accomplished)
Well done Jackie Young.

ps. If I had done one I would have written, "I am Punny."

All images © 2008 Jackie Young.