Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 years of bliss.

Meet Derek.

Derek is known among friends as the walking encyclopedia of anything music, pop culture and sports trivia. His talents include scouting new and upcoming artist, drawing, spotting bulldogs and chubby babies, and making me laugh.
He'd call Dwight Yoakum and "Bonnie Prince Billy" his modern day heros, coming in second only to his mother.

He enjoys collecting concert posters, (namely by
Dirk Fowler, Sasha Barr, Jason Munn, Jay Ryan, and many many more),

any and all sports (especially college football),

and microbrewed beer.

I introduce you to Derek simply because 3 years ago today, after unknowingly placing powdered sugar all over his face at the fair that night, I knew I could not fight it when he asked me to be his girl.

Random Fact: For our first date he took me to see Lyle Lovett Live in Lubbock. 
What can I say, I Lovett! 

This is when he found out who I really was.

Here are a few snap shots with Derek.
The bus ride taking us to the third day of acl this past weekend.

Watching Against Me! (I'm making that face because I'm getting into mosh pit mode.)

This is the night I turned into his old lady. aka my 24th birthday.

And this was on the airplane flying back from his birthday weekend in Boulder, Colorado!
Kind of a random display of pictures.  But what it all boils down to is is that I love the ba-jeebers out of this guy and I just want to say Happy Anniversary! You are my best friend and possess the kindest heart I've ever known. xoxo.
Poster design by Dirk Fowler of F2 Design.
Image of Football players and Dale's Pale Ale found via internet.