Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amanda Shires & Rod Picott's Album Design

Here is the latest album design I completed for two incredibly talented musicians, Amanda Shires (aka "Pearl Reams") and Rod Picott. Their album is titled, "Sew your heart with wires" and I really enjoyed working on this, thanks to Rod and Amanda's patience and non-stop jokes. 
I can't say enough good things about these two. Their music is literally delivered to your ears from the soft and gentle breeze of a passerby that turned out to be an angel . Both have solo albums that are equally delightful on the ears. These two are a pair of fun loving, honky tonk, musical geniuses. Additionally, if you're from the great flatland that is West Texas, you might know Amanda as the fiddle player from the Thrift Store Cowboys, another wildly talented group worth checking into
I love you a whole lot Rod and Amanda!


Images © 2008 Julie Cope Photography


I just found this print by Aaron Jenkins and let me just say...it.is.beautiful.  
oh and..I want it.